MT PROFIL, Mechanical level indicator for deposits

Technical especifications

  • Measuring range (tank height)
    0/150 to 0/250 cm
  • Displayed values
    0/150 or 0/250 liquid level in cm
  • Connection thread
    G1½ or G2
  • Housing/float
    Display: ABS, impact-resistant
    Float: PE-HD


For continuous level measurement in tanks containing fuel oil EL, diesel fuel, biodiesel and water. For tanks heights from 0 to 250 cm. Suitable for use in flood hazard areas.


Universal, mechanical level indicator with plastic planetary gear. Measuring range is adjustable from 0 to 250 cm by reversible scale. With reversible scale 0–150 cm and 0–250 cm for fast adaptation to the tank height. Odour-tight. Watertight up to 10 m water column.


MT-Profil R – G1½ y – G2

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