Concentric double flanged butterfly valves

The concentric double flanged butterfly valves

The concentric double flanged butterfly valves have been designed with a powerful elastomer closure and lateral connections to process by double flange, in addition, this model has a vulcanized elastomer which is even more resistant and allows to annex pipe ends without the need of flanges.

The shaft design ensures a bidirectional direction and a 100% stagnation capacity with no risk of leakage since the precise guidance of the shaft  pass through various pieces of PTFE, isolating the body axis and the valve and preventing its corrosion. What is even more practical is that its watertight design allows the disassembly of one side of the installation while the valve is still fully operational.

The face-to-face distance allows exchange with other valve models (globe, chopper, gate …), our range of dimensions goes from DN50 to DN 2200.

The degree of efficiency and reliability of this type of valves makes them the favorite ones in situations where working conditions are difficult, widely used in water supply, pumping stations, fire protection, cooling towers and practically in all types of industry. (Energetic, Naval, Mining, Construction …)

Data sheet:22/23

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