Multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump for clean water. Pump casing and shaft in Stainless steel. Suction and discharge base in epoxy-coated grey cast iron. Rigid coupling between pump and motor shafts. Two discharge outlets situated at 180° one from the other to make installation easy.

Vertical multi stage centrifugal pump for clean water, very silent.
Suitable for domestic and Industrial water supply, Booster sets, Irrigation
systems, Firefighting, Car wash, etc.

Pump casing and impellers in Stainless steel. AISI 304. Diffusers in high resistance composites reinforced with fibre glass.


Multi-stage vertical centrifugal pumps for clean water. Pump casing, impellers, base and shaft in St. Steel AISI 304. Rigid coupling between pump and motor shafts. Suction and discharge outlets in line. Shaft supported at both ends. Max. suction height: 7 mts. Motor as per IEC standards. IP-55 protection. Three-phase current 230/400 V and 400/660 V, 50 or 60 Hz. Max. working temperature: 90°C. Temperature of liquid to be pumped: -15ºC to +90ºC. Max. ambient temperature: 40ºC. Max. working pressure: 25 bar. Other performance on request. Protecting the motor by a protection switch is recommended.