Reticulated closed cell polyolephine foam insulation externally covered by an alumi-niumized film.
The chemical structure and special finish give the product a series of advantages:
High chemical resistance, being a non toxic material and ecocompatible (CFC are not used) respecting the Ozone layer.
Mechanically: exceptional resistance to kno-cks, friction and cuts, having a high degree of elasticity. Apt for the exterior given the great resistance atmospheric agents.
Thermally: reduced heat dispersion, given the low thermal conductivity and excellent behaviour to the absorption of water through the closed structure.
It does not need to be painted.
Working temperature range:
Limit temperature of non fragility: -30ºC
Dimensional stability +80ºC.
Density: 40±4 kg/m3.
Water vapour permeability: 0,12 Pa s m.
Electrical conductivity : λ = 0,036 Kcal/h mºC
Test reaction to fire: CL1/M1